Clean Air Equipments Manufacturers


Cleanrooms are used for specialized processes and require a very clean environment. One of the most important aspects of cleanroom design is airflow. The air within a cleanroom is highly controlled through HVAC units and filtration systems. The air that flows into the cleanroom is typically categorized by three different kinds of airflow patterns. One of the more common airflow patterns is laminar flow.

Laminar flow occurs when the air flows in sheets and the layers are parallel to one another. Air travels into the cleanroom via HEPA filters which ensure clean air is flowing into the room. The air then flows downward in layers to the floor where it is then recirculated and filtered again. The next type of airflow that is used in cleanrooms is called turbulent air. Like laminar flow, air still goes through HEPA filters, with the difference being that it isn’t in that straight uniform flow.

Turbulent air comes in at different angles and gets recirculated through various grilles in the wall or support columns. Turbulent air is typically used in rooms that don’t require an extremely high level of cleanliness. The last type of airflow is a mix of both turbulent and laminar flows. This mixed airflow type is typically used in cleanrooms that have sectioned off zones for various processes.

Some sections of the room may need to be at higher levels of cleanliness, whereas other parts of the room may not handle critical processes. Depending on the cleanroom design, cleaner zones may be separated by modular hard walls or with the use of soft walled plastic curtains. Furthermore, air is recaptured through various grilles located in different locations to keep with either the laminar or turbulent airflow.

What type of airflow is right for your cleanroom? It ultimately comes down to what type of work is being done within the cleanroom, but most cleanroom designers prefer to use laminar flow. The older style of laminar air flow would have the air go straight down from the ceiling into the floor. Newer cleanrooms don’t require the room to be raised, and can take in air through grilles near the floor.

Getting the right kind of airflow is easily accomplished through modular construction. Modular cleanroom walls offer the unique flexibility in which the walls can be moved or reconfigured within the room. Furthermore, modular construction allows for a higher level of quality assurance as the materials are fabricated under factory- controlled conditions.

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Hospital Solution Services in Singapore


Health services may highly vary between different countries around the world and the level of service is highly dependent on the wealth of the country in which you are living. The wealthier country doesn’t mean the better the hospitals and health services as the hospitals need a lot of money for its proper function. The lack of doctors and nurses are also the possibilities which contribute to the lack of beds and rooms available in hospitals and the quality of the hospital equipments are usually a good indicator of the level of care that you expect.

Providing good health services is a big problem in a lot of countries as the private health sector is generally more reliable when compared to the public funded sector and this can be attributed to wealthy people, wealthy institutions, etc who pay extra money in their treatment. A big problem with hospitals generally why they are expensive or why the service leaves something to be desired is the equipment state and some people simply can’t afford the high premiums one must pay for these services. The equipments are the backbone of a hospital and if there is a lack of good equipments then doctors, nurses and patients will highly suffer.

The equipment types in a hospital are different and the environment needs a great variety of equipments in a hospital which is able to diagnose patients quickly and efficiently based on their problems. The different types of diagnostic equipments you find in a hospital includes x-ray machines, CAT machines, MRI’s and simple tools like stethoscopes, thermometers and blood pressure reading devices.

There are also the surgical equipments which are included in the majority of well established hospitals and these surgical tools should be sterile and in very good condition as they are crucial in preventing infection of doctors and patients. If you add the value of all of the equipments which are required in a hospital then it comes to a huge sum and this is the reason why many hospitals decide to lease their equipments instead of buying.

The first thing is this saves the money that would be helpful in making the large capital purchases and this money can be used to develop their patient care sector. Lenders who are involved with hospitals often make their leasing agreements very flexible and this helps the firms greatly. Within a lot of hospital sectors, the technology in hospital equipments changes rapidly and the leasing can help in preventing the technological obsolescence with the equipments which are available within a hospital environment.

To lease equipments for hospitals is not completely a new idea as it is becoming increasingly popular in the last few years and the idea of leasing can additionally have tax advantages as it changes the financial risk of the company. This is great both for the hospitals and patients and it is good to know that they have options to remain financially stable and also make it cheaper for us to use their services. Some time in our lives we need to visit a hospital and will be treated with these equipments based on the type of our disease or injury and we can be hopeful that the equipments are advanced and can save our life.

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Hospital Equipments Services Singapore


Airtech manufacture a wide range of high quality and world class products and also equipments which are applicable to various industries. Airtech manufactures Health Care products, Hospital products, Laboratory and Bio-Safety products, Semi Conductors, Doors and much more. The product diversification includes Clean partition, Hand Washer & Dryer, Air Shower, Portable Isolation Bed, Bio-Hazard Clean Bench, Sampling booth, Cytotoxic Lab, Freezer, Pass Box, HVAC and Operating Room Laminar Flow, Operating Room Lead Lining Wall Door, WHO Standard Certified BSL3 Lab, Decontaminate System, Double Door Autoclave, Oven, Cool Room, Incubator and other specially made equipments.

Airtech manufacturers several Clean Room, Bio-Safety and Operating Room Equipments to fulfill the requirements of the customers and the products are customized by a professional design team for different industries to create unique products. The diversification of Airtech products helps in meeting the needs of the customers from different industries like Hospital (PCR, JCI, Cytotoxic, Isolation, Tuberculosis-TB, ICU Room, Isolation Mobile Booth, etc.), Healthcare Sterilize Portable Equipments, Laboratory and Bio-Safety Lab (BSL1, BSL2, BSL3, and BSL4), Semiconductors, etc.

Healthcare products are further categorized into Clean Partition, Hand Washer, Dryer and other products. Clean Partition products are used in Dental operation Rooms, Operation Front Rooms, Body Inspection Rooms, Quarantines, Ceiling Type, Wall Type and much more. Hand Washer & Dryer is provided with several features like Clean Hand Washer, AHD Series, Hand Dryer Series and much more.

Hospital products are categorized as Stretcher with Physical Containment, Economic Isolated Bed, Isolated Treatment Room, Operating Room, Infections / Disease Treatment Room with safety, O.T Ceiling Filter Box, Safety Lobby Chairs for patients waiting outside, Biologically Hazard Autopsy Room, Surgical Room Ceiling with complete air supply and much more.

WHO Bio-Safety BSL 1-4 & Animal BSL 1-4 Guidelines provide Laboratory & Bio-Safety rules such as the house should be independent and detached unit. If it adjoins a laboratory then the design should provide isolation from the public areas of the laboratory requires protection from the decontaminations and disinfestations and the design should be based on the recommended type.

Airtech is an expert in the manufacture of Semiconductors like Pulse Jet Air Shower, Airtech Filter (Ulpa & Hepa), Clean Auto Stocker for Wafer Cassette, Ultra Clean Aluminium Ceiling Grid System, Large Work, Electronic Parts and many more products. Clean Bench is also manufactured in two types namely Vertical and Horizontal. Other custom made clean roon equipments are Fan Filter, Airtech Lighting Systems, Air Shower, Pass Box, SS Mac, Wall Panel & Floor, Surface Particles Remover Device which is of two types namely Brush Particle Remover and Air Knife Particle Remover. Airtight Doors are used in Medical Sectors (Hospitals) for Operation Theatre, Pharmaceutical Sector, Isolation Rooms, etc., Semi-Conductor Sector, Laboratory Sector and many more areas.

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Airtech Hospital Disinfectant Products


Disinfectant products are substances that are applied to objects and equipment to destroy microorganisms present, especially resistant bacterial spores. They work by destroying the cell walls of the microbes or obstructing their metabolism. They are especially indispensable in medical and research labs to clean up fatal stains of TB, HBV, HCV and HIV quickly and effectively.

They are used in different areas of hospitals like Non Intensive Care Units, operating rooms, isolation rooms, patient care areas and laboratories. There are many types of disinfectant products in the market. You need to assess your needs and find out what kind of disinfectant serves your purpose. Categories available include products for surfaces, for instruments reprocessing, liquid medical waste treatment, and many others for face and hand protection.

The most commonly used disinfectants in labs and hospitals are surface cleansers. These are useful for hard non-porous surfaces where tests and checks are done in a typical healthcare setting. They are the breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and fungi. If not cleaned, they increase the risk of cross contamination. Among the popular for surfaces are CaviWipes and CaviCide disinfectants.

All good cleaners and disinfection product have clear-cut instructions on the label that provide important facts on use for how to apply the product to a surface, How long you need to leave it on the surface to be effective, If the surface needs to be cleaned first, If dilution is required and Clinically relevant efficacy claims. Good disinfecting products should be used on surfaces that touch bare skin and surfaces that come in contact with uncovered infections.

Large surfaces such as floor and wall should be cleaned regularly. shared equipment that comes into direct skin contact should be thoroughly cleaned after each use as per instructions in label and allowed to dry. Equipment such as helmets and protective gears should be cleaned according to equipment manufacturer instructions. Many electronic items in the laboratory such as computer keyboards or handheld electronic devices may be difficult to clean as they could be damaged if they become wet.

If these items are touched by many people in a course of day then it is important that these items be cleansed. You can use from a wide variety of instrument reprocessing products or can cover the electronic items with a cleanable cover or skin.

Disinfectant products are highly useful in hospitals, labs, dental surgeries, child care centers and other places which come in contact with different pathogens and spores. Many good infection prevention companies come up with unique patented designs for easy disinfecting wipes in areas with limited spaces. You should approach a reputed dealer of lab equipment to find right product for your environment.

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Custom Made Cleanroom Equipment Services


Airtech provides a broad variety of products for the clean room atmosphere. At the same period, Airtech furthermore caters for the special action of customers who require a specific product that is not study not guilty from the help off the shelf.Airtech is responsive to invade the true needs of these customers and manufactures the required products to their specifications.

The custom made clean room equipment that Airtech has provided hence in the set against-off includes the Packaged Type Clean unit, Clean Air Oven, Clean Viewer, Clean Chamber, Insert Catcher curtain, Clean Room Dust Bin, Battery Wagon, Clean Garment Dryer, Air Filter, Hutemp Chamber, Relief Damper, Clean Hand Washer/dryer, Clean Room Dust Bin, Clean Hand dryer, Clean Room Shoe Cleaner, Clean Changing Room, Relief Damper, and Clean Hand Washer/dryer.

Airtech has the act, facilities and the experience to have enough money any manageable of equipment that is alert to satisfy the strict criteria required in a clean room mood.This is subsidiary supported by the fact that that Airtech has provided many kinds of custom made equipment that have been used successfully in a clean room atmosphere.As long as any customer has a particular quirk within a clean room setting, Airtech spares no effort in helping the customer to realize their objectives.

The help damper is a device that is expected to past happening to embrace a forgive level of pressure in the clean room impression. A determined pressure is desired as it helps to hamper the inadvertent of any mixed way of mammal from entering the clean room. However, the pressure cannot be above a determined level as a high pressure introduces substitute hitch where the doors may not be adept to be opened or closed easily.

Airtech provides the facilitate damper to adapt the sky in the clean room precisely such that the pressure is save at a determined, stable and optimal level.
The shoe cleaner is a tailor made device that is used to clean the shoes of the personnel functioning in the clean room. Having a clean shoe is important as the personnel in the clean room are usually walking a propos take goings-on their do something.

If the shoe is tainted, it can easily take upfront within the clean room as the shoe is for ever and a day in admission taking into account the floor.The shoe cleaner works by cleaning the bottom soles of the shoes which have the greatest impact in the region of the floor in the clean room. Customers who use the shoe cleaner by Airtech are practiced to comply a well ahead clean lines level in the clean room by ensuring that all its personnel make use of the shoe cleaner to save the bottom soles of their shoes clean by now they enter any indispensable areas in the clean room.

The shoe cleaner device is portable and can be moved vis–vis easily. This allows the device to be moved to the most convenient location in the clean room where the personnel can entry the device. The device moreover comes furthermore a sturdy handle that the fanatic can refrain upon therefore that they do not slip all along as soon as they stand upon the device.

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Medical Equipment Manufacturer


For those who work in the healthcare field, medical safety is top priority. Safe practices ensure that no harm comes to the practitioner or patient and that specimen and tests are untainted and accurate. Medical safety pertains to nearly all operations, from equipment usage, to patient treatment, to waste disposal. Implementing the proper safety measures each step of the way ensures a satisfactory experience for all involved.

In terms of equipment, usage should adhere to manufacturer guidelines. When equipment is used for unintended purposes, results can be inaccurate and harm may result. Proper safety clothing such as goggles and gloves should be worn when operating equipment. Only those who are qualified should operate any device and if they are not available, patient appointments should be rescheduled for a convenient time.

Medical equipment can be very expensive so it is sometimes reprocessed and sold to other medical professionals. Different states have recommendations for reprocessing medical equipment that is used in a pre-hospital healthcare setting. Reusable non-invasive devices that contact intact skin usually must be disinfected. Equipment that contacts mucous membranes, such as a laryngoscope, must be sterilized and subjected to high-level disinfection.

Items like stretchers, head immobilizers, and stair chairs should undergo general disinfection prior to reprocessing. Instruments used by dental facilities must be cleaned and sterilized after each use. Sterilization requires using an autoclave, dry heat oven, or a unit that makes use of chemicals during cleaning. When used equipment is purchased, it should be given a thorough inspection and either disinfected or sterilized prior to use, depending on the item.

High-quality vendors only sell equipment that has passed rigorous security checks and testing. However, even these items can become damaged during transport so it is important to ensure that no components have become dislodged or broken. If an item appears to be damaged, the supplier should be immediately contacted and the item should be returned. Reputable vendors back their products with a warranty enabling easy refund or exchange.

Various wastes accumulate in medical facilities that treat patients. These represent multiple and differing impacts and hazards on human beings and the environment. Hazards determine how waste must be separated and disposed of by a facility. Different types of containers are designed to support proper segregation practices and are required by various regulatory agencies. Workers are trained in the proper use of the containers in order to protect the environment and lower disposal costs.

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Passbox Equipments Manufacturer


In order to solve the problem of contamination when any materials are required to be transferred into facilities such as clean rooms, Airtech comes out with a solution of using a pass box. Clean rooms are usually designed such that the need for personnel to enter and exit is minimized to reduce contamination. A pass box reduces the need for personnel to transfer items through the door.

The pass box is usually installed on the walls of the clean room to act as a temporary storage area to transfer any materials into or out of the clean room. The pass box has a mechanism to prevent operators from opening both of the doors at the same time. This helps to prevent the integrity of the clean room from being compromised.
The pass box has a phone for operators on opposite sides to speak to each other when the items are to be transferred in or out of the clean room.

The doors on the pass box are transparent which allow personnel to have a clear view of the internal enclosure. The clean auto pass box is built with the concept of what a normal pass box can do and provide automation of items to be transported from one room to another. The clean auto pass box is a system that comprises of two automatic sliding doors at each end, high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter, fan and a roller conveyor.

It is particularly useful in scenarios where high volume and frequency are required. This automation improves efficiency in terms of time and manpower. Fan filter unit (FFU) is an air clean device equipped with a fan that is typically mounted on the modular T-Grid ceilings. The fan filter unit ensures that clean air is maintained in clean environments such as clean rooms. Airtech provides fan filter units that are twice as efficient as its competitors’ equivalent units.

The fan filter unit is a box filter with a filtration grade of either high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) or ultra-low particulate air (ULPA). The HEPA version is able to achieve inefficiency of 99.995% at 0.3 microns while the ULPA version is able to achieve an efficiency of 99.9995% at less than 0.2 microns. The casing is made of aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel sheet. Airtech uses special fan blades in the fan filter unit that are coated with fiber.

These blades are able to achieve high efficiency and at the same time achieve a low noise level of only 50 dBA. Airtech’s fan filter units are able to meet clean room requirements of class 100 or better environments where the maximum number of particles of size 0.5 microns per cubic foot of air cannot exceed 100.The class 100 standard is equivalent to ISO 5. Compared with a normal room, the air is around class 1,000,000 or ISO 9.

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