Hospital Stretcher With Containment Supplier


Airtech is one of the world leaders in the design and supply of flexible containment and integrated systems for all aspects of the containment of potent materials for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Medical and Food industries. They have extensive experience of the Pharmaceutical Industry with unrivalled practical knowledge of flexible containment technology and the application of flexible containment to new and existing equipment anywhere in the world.

A stretcher is an equipment that allow the transport of a person who is unconscious or unable to move freely on his own. Airtech provides wheeled stretcher with a special feature that provide an additional physical containment. This device has an efficiency of 99.9 percent at 0.3 micrometer which is achieved with a main high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) filter. Its weight is approximately 92 kilograms and it can carry a maximum load of 85 kilograms.

It has a dimension of 2090 centimeters in length, 65 centimeters in width and 83 centimeters in height. Its air volume is approximately 2.0 cubic meters per minute. It can be operated either with an AC or with a battery. This flexibility allows the stretcher to be deployed easily in the field. These specifically crafted stretchers are able to provide protection to the medical staff from an infectious patient.

This is very important if the patient is suffering from any deadly disease that can be spread airborne. Its dimensions are also able to accommodate most people of various sizes. Airtech strengths lie in its broad expertise and experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry with proven track record in containment systems that can readily, freely and easily be deployed. These containment systems can be added to a brand new piece of equipment.

Current existing equipment can also be upgraded to fulfill any sort of containment requirements. Airtech offers two models, namely the UAISO-Cap-F-1 and the Airtech Cap-II. The difference between the two models is that the UAISO-Cap-F-1 comes with an aluminum hood structure unit that enclosed the patient in the stretcher with a transparent plastic container enclosure while the Airtech Cap-II enclosed the patient with a transparent vinyl sheet instead.

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Hospital Biosafety Level Services


Airtech provides Design and Build of Laboratories services to tailor to the customer/user requirements. The Design team has been to different countries which cover most of Asia-pacific. Experienced and Specialises in Biosafety Level Laboratories with compliance to different standards around the world to suit your research needs.

Airtech Laboratory and Biosafety Level facilities According to WHO Bio-Safety BSL1-4 & Animal BSL1-4 Guidelines, the house should be independent and detached unit. If it adjoins a laboratory, the design should provide for its isolation from public parts of the laboratory should such need rise, and its decontamination and disinfestations. Safety supplies are essential in any workplace.

Since these are used for various purposes, they are needed in large amounts. So, buying wholesale safety supplies would ensure that you receive the products at discount rates. Medical professionals in hospitals and other medical facilities require safety products for their personal safety. Medical professionals are likely to get exposed to bio hazardous areas where the chance of contracting infectious diseases is high. Such problems can be avoided by taking certain precautions.

A wide range of lab safety supply products such as face masks, gloves, Biological lab safety, face shields, shoe covers, Eye Washer, Air ventilation system, and aprons are widely available in the market for the medical professionals for use in laboratories and medical facilities. Biological lab safety cabinet is required for biological laboratory to avoid contamination of biological hazards.

However, it is uncommon for the laboratory in chemical plants. The most common one is chemical safety cabinet. It is used for storing hazardous chemicals, i.e. laboratory reagents, standard solution and the like in the laboratory. Chemical safety cabinet can be fire proof, explosion proof or even leak proof. It is usually equipped with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters installed at air intake and air exhaust.

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Hospital Door Supplier in Singapore


In Medical sector (hospital), Airtech supplies airtight doors for Operating Theater. Operation theaters require a cleanroom environment to ensure no contamination sneaks in especially through the air entering the room. It can be harmful for the patient. These airtight doors are used for Isolation rooms and wards.
Isolation rooms and wards are specially constructed areas in hospitals which are designed for patients with infectious disease.

To prevent the spreading of these diseases, patients are kept in isolation. Hence the use of airtight doors is very important in isolation rooms and wards. Several isolation wards for individual patients are placed together to form a isolation unit. Other areas of application of airtight doors are the accident and emergency department where it is necessary to prevent contamination from affecting the patient.

In intensive care units like ICU and CCU, airtight doors provide maximum protection from containment by preventing their entrance into these units. Clinics, X-Ray Theaters and CT Scan rooms also use airtight doors for best resultsApart from medical sector, Airtech deals in airtight doors for industrial, research and pharmaceutical sectors. Clean room technology is applicable now days in almost all the industries to ensure better quality and standard of products.

Airtight doors are used in the production areas of these industries where the functions of handling of materials and products, sampling, storage, dispending, processing, packaging and distribution are carried out. Special precautions need to taken when dry materials are used in production in order to prevent generation and dissemination of dust. For this, provision of proper air control is required which is provided by Airtech’s airtight doors.

This reduces the risk of cross contamination from uncontrolled release of gases, particles, dust, sprays and vapours from production materials. To ensure safety, Airtight doors are widely used in the changing and transfer areas of Semi conductor and pharmaceutical industries. The door uses iron and stainless steel materials and the frame of these doors is secured on steel surfaces with urethane or epoxy paints.

These help to prevent contamination. Vision panels can also be installed on the airtight door frame for checking the internal-external situation in case of accidents. Apart from industries, airtight doors have become a significant part of the Laboratory Sector also. These are used in laboratories like Bio safety Laboratories, Research Laboratories, School Laboratories and Microbiological Laboratories.

The design and construction of the airtight door contributes to the protection of the internal and external environment of the laboratory from infectious and harmful agents that may accidentally release from the laboratory.Other special applications include the airtight doors to be fire rated and lead lined. These doors are available in sliding and swing styles also. Apart from this, these can be provided with hermetic or non-hermetic sealing as per the requirement.

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Hospital Air Shower Supplier


Air Shower is installed at the entrance of clean room in order to remove any dust from the garment of worker and also plays the role of an air lock room by double door system. Airtech has revolutionized the air shower with its exclusive Pulse Jet, patent pending No. 081907,638. Tests on the Pulse Jet showed it increased the removal efficiency of particles between 0.3 and 5 micron by an average of 10% over constant velocity air showers.

A pulsating air stream shakes the garments of workers entering the cleanroom to remove surface lint and dust. The contaminated air is then returned through a low wall pre filter to the HEPA filters for delivery to the Pulse Jets in the side-walls and ceiling. This process provides a contaminant barrier between the gowning area and cleanroom and prevents accidental contamination due to pressure loss.

The pulsated air is created by passing air through the nozzle, which strikes the propeller causing it to rotate around a shaft with a stainless steel bearing. The nozzle, casing, and propeller are made of chrome plated ABS resigns. The Pulse Jet Air Shower from AIRTECH features: steel construction, dual wall plenum with a 0.4kw blower motor and HEPA filter in each wall, Programmable Logic Control of jetting and purging cycles, extruded aluminum doors, tempered glass, compact body , stainless steel floor, 22 nozzles.

Options available: electrical or mechanical interlocks, emergency stop switch with audible alarm, automatic sliding doors, grated floor with return, stainless steel construction, ionizer, 99.9995% ULPA filter @ 0.12 micron, yellow lighting and windows, UV lamp, intercom system, audible use instructions, and custom sizes and configurations.

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Infect Disease Treatment Room Services


Infectious diseases can spread from one person to another by aerosol droplets. The spread of Tuberculosis (TB), for example, occurs when an otherwise healthy individual inhales a sufficient number of tubercle bacilli that are expelled by a patient infected with pulmonary TB. Thus it spreads rapidly to the healthy persons. To avoid this hospitals provide special room to treat this patients.

Airtech Equipment Pte Ltd is a specialist in developing products that help in providing a cleanroom environment which is rare to get naturally. A clean construction must be established by following the steps of avoidance, isolation, containment, cleaning, prevention and verification. Avoidance is the most desirable but difficult to achieve as it is not possible to avoid contamination totally.

Isolation means keeping the contaminants away from the critical environment. Maintenance of lowest possible construction in the cleanroom area can lead to containment. Cleaning involves the removing of contamination from the surfaces of cleanroom environment. Prevention involves not letting the outside contamination enter the cleanroom area. The evaluation of the effectiveness of the contamination control leads to verification.

In the healthcare field, Airtech has developed products like clean partition and hand washer & dryer in order to achieve the clean room environment. The clean partition system is specially designed for hospital, Infect Disease Treatment Room, biotech, pharmaceutical and industrial environments. They are an innovative and effective way of achieving the cleanroom environment.

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Hospital Biologically Hazard Autopsy Room


An autopsy is a very detailed medical procedure that involves cutting of the dead body with medical instruments to carry out a thorough investigation on why and how the person has died. This may include finding out if there are any illness or injuries that may have resulted in the person’s death.Airtech offers the biologically hazard autopsy room which is highly recommended for any hospital or medical facility that are required to perform any kinds of autopsy services on dead bodies.

In Singapore, upon the death of any person, a doctor is required to certify the death by verifying that the death of the person has actually taken place. The doctor is also required to diagnose the cause of death whether the death is due to natural or non-natural causes. In any event that the doctor is unable to confirm the reason of the death or in non-natural cases, it is mandatory for him to report the case to the police under the Criminal Procedure Code.

Airtech has the best suited project design teams whose members have specialized skills to customize the facility to an autopsy room where it poses many challenges due to the specific nature and objective of an autopsy room. Airtech designs its autopsy room to take account of the many factors such as the ventilation, sanitation, infection control, disinfection, isolation area, X-Ray facilities as well as the entire physical room, wall, ceiling and the flooring system.

The autopsy area is the most active area where the actual cutting of the dead body takes place. Therefore, much cleaning will be needed to be done in this area. Tables and sinks are needed to perform the autopsy work.A dictation system is used to record all spoken words of the coroner performing the autopsy. The tables can be stationary or mobile and have a height that is most comfortable for the coroner performing the autopsy.

Airtech understands that the surfaces of the tables are equally important and must have strict criteria. Airtech caters the surfaces such that they are strong enough to resist cutting. The surfaces are able to last under heavy usage of strong cleaning agents and chemicals.The surfaces are able to be cleaned relatively easy. The isolation area is separated from the rest of the storage of dead corpses and is necessary to work on all the dangerous cases. Airtech is able to design the isolation area to reduce the spread of harmful pathogens. Typically, this area has its own separate table, sink and ventilation system.

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Surgical Room Ceiling Supplier


The most important area of a hospital is its operating room, which is also called the surgery room. It is the unit of a hospital where surgical procedures are performed; it is designed and equipped to carry out surgeries and provide care to patients who are suffering from a wide range of conditions. It is also the unit where specialized care is provided. Operating rooms, by nature, are sterile environments that are designed to protect the patient who will be operated on.

All personnel in the room have to wear protective clothing called scrubs. These are overalls that are sterile and are used to stop germs from spreading. They also wear hand covers, masks, face shields, surgical caps, Surgical Gowns and other such coverings. Operating rooms are very cool and are air-conditioned to prevent infection. They are also brightly lit, making it easy for the doctors to carry out operations.

A lot of instruments are used during surgical procedures. They are different for external and internal treatments. Interestingly, the same tools are not used on the inside and outside of the body. Surgeons use smaller, more delicate devices for use inside the body. They use various forms of anesthesia or sedation to make the patient unconsciousness. This is done so that the patients do not have to bear the pain of the operation.

Operating rooms have a lot of special equipment. These include devices for patient monitoring, diagnostic tools, respiratory and cardiac support, etc. Equipment in operating rooms are sterile and have high standards of cleaning so that germs do not spread. This is done to protect the patients as many diseases might spread if they are not properly cleaned. The following are some equipment that are commonly found in operating rooms:

Ventilator sometimes called a respirator, this device helps or controls pulmonary ventilation. It is controlled by microprocessors and is programmable, allowing personnel to regulate volume, pressure and even flow of respiration. Infusion pump this device helps deliver fluids through a catheter. It is also programmable. This allows personnel to deliver anesthesia, drugs and even blood infusions to the patient.

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